Hi! I’m Bastiaan

As Director of Growth & Marketing I help software company Reasult to grow. Hands-on, data driven and together with a fantastic team!

I have been working on making and marketing products (and services) for 15+ years. I started my career in real estate. I have since exchanged this beautiful physical product for a 100% digital product: SaaS.

I started prdctmrktng.com to share what I’ve learned over the years. What I write about I have also done myself: managing roadmaps, product launches, customer interviews, creating personas and customer journeys, optimize marketing funnels, growth experiments, building teams, etc, etc.

What’s in it for you? What I write is focused on growth. I hope to inspire you with my articles, templates and checklists, so that your company also grows!

What’s in it for me? By publishing I get feedback. Feedback that makes me better. So thank you in advance for your feedback 😉


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