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Marketing Messaging Framework

Marketing Messaging: A Simple Framework for Better Conversion!

Marketing Messaging: A Simple Framework for Better Conversion! With the right Marketing Messaging you can increase your conversion in a simple way. How do you fine-tune your Marketing Messaging? Follow the framework in this article and test it systematically in practice! Marketing Messaging: What is it? Marketing messaging is the way you communicate with the market. It is the ‘signal’ you want to send about your company and products. These are the words, the phrases and even the images you use in your communications. Marketing messaging for a company or

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business model canvas

Business Model Canvas: Simple Explanation of the 9 Building Blocks​

Business Model Canvas: Simple Explanation of the 9 Building Blocks Do you have a new idea for a business? Or do you want to find new opportunities for your company? Use the Business Model Canvas (BMC)! Use the large format BMC in a workshop to quickly come to good ideas with a number of people, or to sketch your 1 page business plan yourself. In this article I explain the 9 building blocks of the Business Model Canvas as simply as possible. 1. Customer Segments Business Model Canvas First, describe

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Understand Customer Needs 6 Research Methods

Understand Customer Needs

Understand Customer Needs: 6 Research Methods Why is it important to understand Customer Needs? Understand customer needs is essential to build great value propositions and business models. You can have the best product or service (in your opinion), but the product is not that great anyway if it meets the customer’s needs poorly. So, if you work on a better product market fit, first look at the customer side of your value proposition and then start experimenting on the product/service side of your value proposition.  6 Research Methods to understand Customer Needs Method #1: Desk

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The 6 components of a successful Go to Market Strategy

How to create a successful Go to Market Strategy?

How to create a Successful Go to Market Strategy? Why do you need a Go to Market Strategy? Even if you have found the ideal market segment and you created the best product to solve their main problem, your product won’t sell itself. It needs promotion. This is where a Go to Market Strategy comes in. You need a G2M plan as the go-ahead for the marketing and sales team to bring the product to the market. You need a Go-to-Market Strategy because it: gives clarity to marketing and sales,

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value proposition process

How to create a Winning Value Proposition?

How to create a Winning Value Proposition? If you’re struggling how to create a winning Value Proposition, this article is a must-read. Maybe you know the theory. You may have spent a few hours playing around with one of the many canvases out there.  But creating a winning Value Proposition isn’t about writing documents or filling out canvases. Creating Value Propositions is about mastering the skills needed to identify customer needs and turn them into real problem solvers and gain creators for your customers. A good process also helps you to stay

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How to improve your product market fit

How to improve your Product Market Fit?

How to improve your Product Market Fit? This article will help you how to improve your Product Market Fit, with pragmatic tips. It’s not hard to recognize if your company has an excellent product market fit: acquisition of new customers is easy, you have happy customers and high retention rates. Your customers are actively referring your product, even unasked!  The other side of the spectrum is also easily recognizable. Because, how do you know you have no product market fit? Well, that’s not hard to tell: you don’t sell anything…

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